Do you help us to deliver a Merry Christmas to everyone in Groningen? Also this year we want to surprise people with a Christmas package! 

Frequently Asked Questions​

Who receives a christmas package?

We work together with the city food bank, clothing bank de zeecontainer, churches, straatwijs, het overweeghuis and other groups / organizations that know people who can use a helping hand. you can think of minima households, human trafficking victims, homeless people, etc .

What is in the Christmas package?

In the Christmas package are ingredients and a recipe to make a 3-course meal. we complete this with sponsored extra’s like a local outing, toys and other stuff that are not obvious for these families.

What are the costs?

A  package cost € 50. That means that for 500 households we need €25.000. We approach shopkeepers and other entrepreneurs to sponsor products which decrease the final amount. Help our packages to collect for all 500 households by making a (multiple of) €50 more than!

I have little money. Can I participate?

Yes, you are more than welcome! We are looking for volunteers who want to help with purchased, volunteers that pack the products in a beautiful box and volunteers who want to deliver the packages with your car.

Why can I don't donate stuff?

We want to give only new products because of the quality. In previous actions, we also received really unusable products. If you have quality goods, we will be likely to refer by the clothing bankthe food bank and the computer bank.

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Who are the initiators?

The Christmas package campaign is an initiative of Missie 050 (Evert Sulman) and Rocking up X-mas (Marten Duit). This project is supported by the organization Kwartiermakers , to which Groningen Verwelkomt  organization has joined. The organizations listed below have also joined this project.

Where can I donate? 

Donate via iDEAL with the button below or transfer to IBAN account NL47TRIO0338725326

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Donate via iDEAL with the form below or transfer to IBAN account NL47TRIO0338725326



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